Welcome to Macimax Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
Macimax Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive smart home company specializing in R & D, production, sales, design and installation of integrated smart home system products;
The company mainly focuses on intelligent lighting, electrical intelligent control, electric curtain door control, central background music, security alarm control, whole house control visual intercom, network video monitoring, access control linkage management, home theater control and other integrated control solutions and products, and is committed to becoming the most professional overall intelligent home system solution in China Case provider.
The company will take the system integration and application of future science and technology products as the development direction, and take the three smart home control systems as the core, so that you can enjoy the intelligent technology life in 2050 in advance!
The specific smart home system products and construction services include: smart home security system, smart home control system, smart home entertainment system, smart home comfort system, smart home energy saving system, smart home ecosystem, smart home appliance system.
Starting from the crux of brand and enterprise,
Pay attention to the formulation of brand strategy and integrated marketing strategy,
Open the direction of action with the eyes of wisdom,
Test the results of wisdom with action,
There is no house without intelligence, only design without intelligence!
There is no perfect smart home products, only perfect smart home design!
"Unity of thought and action" is our insistence!