Apple audio switch line lightning to 3.5mm while using charge + Dual headphones.

The connecting line supports Apple phones while listening to songs and external speakers / calls and recharging. (Dual 3.5 interface does not support calls, lighting interface supports calls) (no picking system, any IOS support) (3.5 interface supports American Standard headphones)

  • Model: AG-04

Suitable for Lightning/F+DC3.5*2 Audio Adapter audio adapter for I Products

Product functions:

1. support dual 3.5mm interface /Lightning interface at the same time

(2 pairs of 3.5mm headphones listen to songs at the same time and charge through Lightning interface).

2. Lightning interface is for charging only.

Color: white

Packing: carton

Product characteristics:

Plug and play without App

It is suitable for iPhone X 8/8plus/7 /7plus/ iPad 4 and so on, which is perfectly compatible with IOS 9.2-11.3.


1, when connecting to the product, I Products prompts "do not support this accessory"?

1) improper product connection: please pull out the product and insert it again.

2) the cell phone shell is too thick: please remove the mobile phone shell and re insert it.

2, 3.5mm headphone interface does not support calls.

3, for the first time, you need to wait for 3-5 seconds to connect the headset.