Mobile phone computer headset connector one to two lovers divider 3.5 Interface

APPLE/Mobile Phone/computer/notebook, audio frequency two divider ❤A couple of earphone lines, to share wonderful music with him!❤

  • Model: AG-05

1. Brand new 2 in 1 audio cable with 3.5mm plug

2. Accessible to MP3/MP4 with standard 3.5mm plug

3. You can access to earphone and loudspeaker at the same time and free transition between the two devices

4. Comparing with the traditional audio cable, this one is easier to operate without bringing faults on sound adapter due to frequent conversion

5. Two 3.5 mm standard plugs for connecting with two earphones or loudspeakers. Safe and durable, the perfect accessory for Mobile  / computer and loudspeakers. Let your friends join you when you listen music

 Features: cable The 3.5mm Audio cable lets you connect a PC sound card, car aux-in ,  portable CD player, MP3 player,for iPod, or any mini-stereo audio device with 3.5mm jacks to your other audio devices.

2.Gold plated connectors to ensure a quality connection.Velocity 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cables are specifically designed to provide quality music transfer from quality audio applications