High quality Notebook Cooling PAD laptop cooler radiator external laptop cooler

The advantages of the notebook radiator Notebook radiator directly at the bottom of the laptop heat dissipation, laptop heat forced blow out, and the introduction of cold air, increasing the air flow of the bottom of notebook, so that the laptop inside each averaging radiator heating elements, effectively keep the internal work in low temperature environment, is a small device effectively reduce the temperature of the laptop.

  • Model: AG-80

product parameter

style: laptop cooler radiator

Plug-and-play: available

color :7 color

sub: usb port

radiator: notebook cooler

heat-dissipating method: forced air cooling

Material: abs

service life: 4000H

Net Weight : 900G

1) Bearing types: hydraulic bearing (Hydraulic Bearng)

2) Rated voltage: 5 VDC 

3) A current rating: 0.25 + 10% 

4) The input power: 1.3 W 

5) Fan speed: 900 + 10% RPM 

6) Maximum air volume: 47.35 CFM

7) Noise: 25.1 db (A)

Laptop without the disadvantages of the radiator

1. Parts easy ageing Reduce the service life;

2. After the main components of overheating, computer automatic protection, the CPU will work in addition to the low frequency, the performance lowers (the earth the person all know), similar to a laptop without external power supply, just as only the battery work slowly like the old cow;

3. The property of a laptop, a lot of hardware have the best working temperature, such as: hard disk and CPU, memory, graphics card, power supply module and so on all need life to grow at low temperatures, basically will be reduced by more than suitable for temperature work life; No one is willing to own too short-lived laptop!!

4. The laptop is too hot, may be caused by overheated crash, then cold start, the hard disk have hurt again, long time appear this kind of circumstance, lead to bad hard disk, or sudden hard disk is damaged, causing your precious data loss.

The characteristics of the radiator

1, the human body engineering design;

2. The standard size, and 14 inch book about the size of the following photo using 14 inch laptop, use the same under 14 inch laptop, for more than 14 inch laptop, notebook can a bit bigger, but also can be used;

3.140 * 140 * 15 cm oversized fan design, provide strong cooling air volume;

4, direct blowing at the bottom of the notebook, quickly take away heat;

5, special metal mesh version design, reliable function, auxiliary heat dissipation;

6, more than one USB port design, do not take up computer USB port;

7, stable anti-skid fixed screens design, notebook with care;

8, color appearance design of individual character vogue, feel is smooth, exquisite.

9, the product size: 330 * 250 * 24 mm (long, wide, high)